Danielle Brooks, MA MFT, is an expert in parent education and child development.  With over 16 years of professional experience working with babies, children and families, Danielle strives to elevate parents’ abilities to be attuned and effective in how they parent their children.  As a mother of three young girls, Danielle understands both personally and professionally the responsibilities parents have for their children and the challenges they face on a daily basis.  Her main ambition is to help families maximize their children’s emotional health, desire to learn, create a strong sense of self and engage in meaningful relationships.  She does this in children’s most formative years from infancy through adolescence and thrives on helping parents and caregivers reach their goals of having a better understanding about raising children and being a more connected family unit.

Danielle is a featured expert on the online baby network, BabyLeague.com.  In her weekly video segment, “Baby Nuggets with Danielle,” she informs and educates viewers on milestones throughout a baby’s first year of life.  Danielle, who was the network founder’s own instructor, was part of what inspired her to start this online network as she realized the amount of knowledge, guidance and understanding that Danielle provided during her course was invaluable and not readily available to parents and caregivers on an online platform.  They plan to have each weekly segment provide tools to help viewers become more effective in their parenting.  Danielle’s short “nugget” of information relayed in each video will give people the tips they need in a short format that is easy to digest, taking away the overwhelming aspect of learning about how to take care of a baby.



Danielle is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a B.S. in Human Development and a Masters in Clinical Psychology, from UC Davis and Antioch University, LosAngeles respectively.Danielle delivers psychologically based information on cognitive, neurological, physical, emotional, social and interpersonal development as a Clinician, Professor, Guest Lecturer, Mommy and Me Instructor, Parent Consultant, Sleep Consultant and Educational Consultant.

Danielle resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and three daughters.  In addition to her classes, lectures, video blogging and sleep consultations, she is in private practice in Beverly Hills and Encino.


•“Danielle is nothing short of a life-saver for new parents. In those moments where you simply don’t know what to do, her support and wisdom took us through some trying days (and nights!). We are so blessed to have Danielle as a part of our lives, and more importantly a part of our baby’s life!!“– AMY J.

•“Danielle is constantly helping parents and caregivers.  Whether you have a 5 day old or a 5 year old, she is who I turn to.  Danielle is always positive, creative and sensitive to new moms in any situation.  No question is treated as trite, silly or too personal.  I would have never survived my child’s first year of life without her.  Everyone should have a Danielle!” – ALISA S.